IZO-standard mattresses for valves and flange connections

Simple design mattresses, simple installation, allowing to reduce heat losses on uncovered places and uninsulated installation fittings. Very good protection against possible accidents caused by burns. You can find a wide range of covers for nearly all the normalised sizes of valves. Top quality flexible mattresses made from maximally thin insulation – with perfect parameters – insulation ensuring optimal thermal resistance. A flexible fabric coated with silicone is resistant to all the chemical substances, atmospheric conditions, UV radiation, etc. The tightness of our mattresses against dampness penetrating the inside of the mattress is confirmed with a DNV certificate. IZO-standard mattresses adhere very well to the surface being insulated. These mattresses are made of materials which are not harmful to health.

A connecting method – Velcros along longitudinal connections: a high temperature glass yarn cord for outermost connections.

Application scope:

  • Max. thermal resistance: 250° C
  • Flammability class: A1 non-combustible, fire resistant
  • Specific gravity: 3,8 kg/m2
  • Thickness: 23 mm

Heat transfer coefficient: λ W/m2K
Heat transfer coefficient: λ W/m2K (density 130g/m3 (8lb/ft3))

A connecting method – Velcros, and along longitudinal connections: a high temperature glass yarn cord for round connections.